Volunteering & Internships

If you would like to help by volunteering or if you are a student and would like to receive school credit through an internship program, we have a variety of positions from which to choose. As you can see from the lists below, much of the work can be done from any location, online and by phone. To volunteer or intern, please email us at info@600milliondogs.org or call 954.464.9331


Website design, graphics
Non-Profit Management
Business Administration

Journalism, Media and Public Relations
Graphic Design

Internet Merchandising
Grant Writing
Legal (Probate/Estate)
Biological Science

How You Can Help
  • Audio/Visual: Video camera operators, video editors, videographers, script writers.
  • Graphic Design: Creating fliers, logo, business cards, electronic banners, etc.
  • Websites: Writing, editing, proofreading.
  • Business: Internet merchandising, business and merchant accounts, etc.
  • Art, Film: Power Point and Flash presentations, etc.
  • Journalism, Writing: Articles for publications, letters to supporters
  • Administrative: Grant Writing, Non-profit management, accounting, government filings, etc.
  • Communications: Writing news releases; developing media contacts.
  • Online Research: Data mining, researching scientific developments such as the recently invented oral rabies vaccine used to inoculate wild populations of foxes and raccoons.

For further information, please call 954.464.9331 or email us at info@600milliondogs.org.