Alex Pacheco - Founder/President

Alex is the Co-founder of, the Co-founder of PETA, recipient of the Sea Shepherd Crew Member of the Year award, and a member of the Animal Rights Hall of Fame. Alex’s historic undercover work led to the first police raid of an animal research facility, the confiscation of animals from a biomedical laboratory, termination of federal research grants due to animal cruelty, and closing of ​the world’s largest​ horse slaughtering facility. His historic Silver Spring Monkeys Case ​also ​led to ​many landmarks for animals, including ​passage of federal animal protection legislation​​. Alex has worked as an undercover investigator, lobbyist, legal strategist and now dedicates his life to solving the world’s stray dog and cat overpopulation problem.

In addition to Alex’s leadership, a team of scientists are currently working on the clinical trials in​ the​ development of the​ Spay and Neuter​ Cookies​. These scientists include renowned chemists and pathologists committed to the organization’s mission of solving the stray dog and cat crisis.

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Advisory Board
Ms. Beatrice Welles

Beatrice Welles Collection/Orson Welles Estate

Dr. Christopher Smart, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry, Vassar College

Dr. Steve Rosen, DDS

Inventor, Philanthropist

Ms. Cassandra Peterson (Elvira)

Actress and Animal Advocate

Mr. Kevin Nealon

Actor and Animal Advocate

Mr. Joseph Mansueto


Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Lisa Lindsey

Fraternal Order of Eagles

Dr. Rajay Kumar, Ph.D.


Candy Brock, M.D.


Dr. Chinny Krishna

Chairman, Blue Cross of India

Mr. Yaacov Heller

Sculptor, Jeweler and Silversmith

Mr. Salvatore Cuccia

CPA, Business Analyst