Frequently Asked Questions

What is 600, who started it, and why?

600 and 600 Million are nicknames for 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You,
a non-profit organization.

600 was started by Alex Pacheco, the Co-founder of Adopt-A-Pet and PETA.

600 was founded to end the inhumane killing of millions of strays around the world,
beginning with about sixty countries where there are no laws against cruelty to animals,
and where strays are killed by methods such as poisoning, electrocution, beating, shooting, lacing rotten meat with broken glass, and drowning.

Where can I get these formulas or products, and what can you tell me about them?

  • We need financial support to help finish the development of specific permanent lasting, birth control formulas that are known to work.
  • There are more than 100 birth control drugs and formulas already known to exist.
  • Of the finished formulas currently available, none can effectively solve the global overpopulation problem. Our goal is to change this reality.
  • We are working on the first of several formulas which will reduce animal and human suffering.

How will the formulas be administered?

  • Each country will be different, as each country has their own regulations.
  • In the U.S., the FDA and the EPA will likely decide how these formulas will be administered.
  • In the U.S., a prescription from a veterinarian will likely be needed.
  • In impoverished countries (where the suffering is the greatest), prescriptions may or may not be required.
Distribution and application will vary country by country. Some countries may only allow veterinarians to administer the products, while others may allow municipal health departments or rabies control agencies to administer.  Some may allow registered nonprofit shelters to do so, and yet others may allow individuals to acquire the products directly or over the counter.  Distribution will also be decided by how the products are categorized in each country.

Are these formulas intended for use with street dogs or shelter dogs?

Stray dogs. As soon as possible we will begin work on formulas for feral cats as well. There are multiple formulas, each different from the other, and there are multiple populations of target animals.  We are focused primarily on formulas that we can address our first target – uncaptured stray or feral dogs who run loose and reproduce, and who have little to any likelihood of ever being captured or surgically sterilized.

These are the dogs likely to die on the street either from poisoning or by other inhumane means: dogs living in the alleys and garbage dumps of impoverished countries.

Our priority is to have these painless formulas replace poison as a means of stray dog population control in much of the world.

As soon as funding is available, we intend to begin working immediately on formulas for cats.

Where will you use the formulas?

These will first be used in the poorest countries where the animal suffering is the greatest.

Are these formulas safe, and why?

  • Yes these formulas are safe when used as intended.
  • These formulas generally do not use “brand new” active ingredients.
  • In most instances, decades of data are available on key ingredients, such as zinc.
  • One reason these formulas are safe when used as intended is that they are intended to be consumed only once in a lifetime as opposed to traditional human birth control pills, which are intended to be consumed over 5,000 times during a lifespan. Formulas which are taken many times tend to have more side effects.

Won’t these have to be approved?

  • The answer depends on the country. In general, yes, and each country can be very different.
  • In the U.S., the FDA and or the EPA will have to approve them, depending on their use.
  • Other countries will have their own agencies approve them, to varying degrees.

Won’t animal tests have to be done?

In our work, no animals are harmed, no animals are injured, no animals are killed.

In our clinical trials, animals are generally fed the formula one time. They then live in a home, and later on they are surgically spayed and neutered, and their ovaries and sperm are examined to determine their sterility.

Is 600 No-Kill?

Yes, 600 is no-kill.

Are you trying to create a formula that will prevent female dogs from getting pregnant permanently or will they have to continue to eat your cookies?

Our target is to create a cookie that will only need to be eaten once to permanently spay or neuter a stray dog or cat.

Why don't you simultaneously work on finding a cookie for cats?

With additional funding, we will be glad to work on both formulas simultaneously.